Trice Imaging, Inc. is a privately-owned company at the intersection of wireless technology and healthcare. Trice mobilizes medical images by sending them from any imaging modality to any mobile device. Physicians receive remote access to images and reports, cost efficient storage, and the ability to collaborate with other physicians. Patients receive high-quality medical images that they can print, store, publish, and send to family and friends or to doctors for a second opinion. Trice Imaging’s award winning, patented technology is a value-added service to any medical imaging system or diagnostic software. Trice Imaging is headquartered in San Diego, California and has offices in Stockholm, Sweden and Munich Germany. Click on the button below to learn more!


at Fair Oaks Women's Health in Pasadena, CA

Dr. Bryan Jick, MD, FACOG

"I have been using Trice Ultrasound Cloud Storage for almost 1 year. Being able to access images from any web-enabled computer has been especially useful during the COVID pandemic because our providers are spending more time working from home than ever before."

Director for the Maternal Fetal Medicine at Mount Sinai Health System

Joanne Stone, MD, MS, OB-GYN

"Using Trice to send images via text so that patients can send to family members has been a huge source of comfort and happiness during these times. It helps to decrease the feeling of social isolation and keeps partners and future grandparents involved."

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Use Trice to Keep Patients and Staff Safe During COVID-19. With the Tricefy solution, you can remotely...

  • Read and access medical images securely in the cloud, 

  • Consult and collaborate with other physicians and colleagues

  • Use dynamic, customizable reporting tools

  • Securely store imaging studies, the COVID-19 package includes 12 months

  • Route studies between facilities and interface with your PACS and EMR

  • Enjoy 100% remote installation and support

    *Applicable for new customers only. For existing customers, we will connect your referral partners for free. Contact us if you have any questions. Patient sharing, long-term archiving and customization of reporting templates can be purchased separately.

We're offering our clinical remote medical imaging tools 100% FREE. It's our pledge to help keep healthcare workers and patients safe during this global pandemic.

Rising up, Coming together
During COVID-19

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Trice's remote access and reviewing, collaboration and consultation, and reporting tools have made a difference supporting healthcare providers and paramedics in the field providing quality of care for people - regardless of who and where they are.

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